Academic and Market Research Transcription

Market Research Transcription Services

Market Research Transcription Services

An important part of gaining product feedback for qualitative research is recording the responses and market research transcription may help you organize that data. Trend analysis and customer feedback are the building blocks for many significant commercial decisions. Effective opinion research and market surveys take the guesswork out of determining what your customers need. We provide accurate market research transcription helping companies to identify their winning ideas.

Responsive marketing demands agile engagement. The speed at which customer’s perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes toward a product or service change requires smart qualitative research, which is vital for business. Market research transcriptions provided with quick turnaround and superior accuracy, when delivered like Daily Transcription’s work, provide marketing organizations with the flexibility to scale up quickly without compromising quality.

Focus Groups and Panel Discussions Transcription

Information from focus groups and panel discussions is not only used to gain insight regarding new products but can be of interest to the public’s purchasing decision making. Daily Transcription allows you to convert your recordings into documents everyone can access and use.

Group discussions can often provide valuable information that can be used at a later date. Video or audio recordings can help capture that information but can be timely and tedious to go through. Instead of spending hours listening for a particular aspect of the conversation,  you can leverage your assets by reading a transcript that contains every word from each participant for a more efficient and effective experience.

Focus groups play a key role in determining which of your new business ideas will succeed in the marketplace. Customer feedback helps you determine what your customers think, need, and how your business products and services can meet those needs.

If you aren’t already transcribing your focus groups and panel discussions, Daily Transcription can work with you to provide an affordable and timely solution.

Tip: If it’s important for you to know which participant is speaking, we suggest that you video record your event positioning the camera so that each person’s face can be seen.

Dissertations Transcription Services

Dissertations Transcription Services

Every student is keenly aware of the difficulties involved in preparing a dissertation. You need to spend time doing research and studying, not transcribing. We understand that your schedules are tight and Daily Transcription is here to assist all students – regardless of major or degree – in the preparation of dissertation transcriptions with digital audio to analog recordings and everything in between.

Thesis Transcription Services

Whether you’re using audio, video or text, get an extra hour of sleep knowing that Daily Transcription is helping compile your thesis data into something you can use. We understand that it’s your passport to the degree and dream job you have always desired. We provide high-quality thesis transcription services to assist you in achieving this academic goal. Daily Transcription has been providing thesis transcription services to students from leading universities in the United States and the United Kingdom for over 12 years.

Seminars Transcription Services

Seminars Transcription Services

Daily Transcription offers quality and accurate transcriptions of your seminar recordings. We can handle all formats and convert them into clean and discernible documents. Make your seminars accessible to everyone by having us turn them into transcripts. They can even be used to produce informational products that can be sold and delivered digitally. No matter what your topics are – medical, academic, or business  – we have the team to provide quality transcripts.

Speeches, Lectures, and Keynote Addresses Transcription

Let our professionals convert your audio or video speeches and lectures into organized transcripts. An array of universities, trade schools, and other educational centers have utilized our transcription services. Daily Transcription can provide accurate and organized transcripts so that you can have the information you need at your fingertips. Ready to get started on having your speech or lecture transcribed by our professionals? Fill out our detailed quote information today to get an itemized bid from our team.

Government Grants and Education Transcription Services

Grants – Government and Education Transcription Services

From grant applications to contract bids and everything in between, we take pride in our ability to get the job handled accurately the first time. We have the necessary skills to help you get your applications in on time in the correct format. We make sure that what your need done is handled according to the governmental requirements for your specific grant.