One-on-One Interviews Transcription Services

Here at Daily Transcriptioninterview transcription services have been our focus for over 14 years. Our post production transcription services bring you the best in the industry. We provide fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality. We are keenly aware of the importance of accurate interviews and understand that you do not have the time to listen to long recordings or videos. You want to efficiently navigate through the footage and find the sound bites that you need. We are confident that we can work within your budget and turnaround time.

Group Interviews Transcription Services

Group interview transcription can be an art form. Speakers sometimes speak over each other making it difficult for a non-professional to understand everyone. Daily Transcription has a team of transcribers skilled in being able to decipher the important content from the most challenging audio.

Interviews Transcription Services

Column Interview – Sample

  • 3 Column Format
  • Speaker Identification
  • Dialogue
  • Time Code 30-40 second inter
3 column sample transcript
sample interview script

Interview with Time Code Every Q&A

  • Standard Script Format
  • Speaker Identfication
  • Dialogue
  • Time Code with 30-40 second intervals